Augustiner Großgaststätten

100% love it
As traditionally Bavarian as it gets
Conveniently located in the pedestrian shopping street of the Altstadt, Munich's most famous beer hall is the showpiece of the centuries-old Augustiner brewery, which also operates the Augustiner-Keller [see entry] and many other locations. This is not a tourist trap; the food — various types of Wurst (sausage), sauerkraut, crispy pork knuckle, fresh pretzels etc— and beer are all of excellent quality, served up in hearty, matter-of-fact fashion. The sprawl accommodates many rooms (and a beautiful garden and arcade) to choose from, but probably most coveted of all are tables in the art nouveau-style room designed in 1897 by well-known architect Emanuel von Seidl (1856–1919), who also built a house for composer Richard Strauss. The Muschelsaal (Mussel Hall) features a glorious domed glass roof and walls smothered in mussel shells.