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GayCities Members report that NY.Club has closed
Munich's one true gay discoteque
A 1980s dance club reopened under different ownership in 2005, with a name change from New York Discotheque to NY.Club. This is a stylish and hi-tech club for dancing and cruising, with an emphasis on funky house and tribal sounds. There's even a darkroom. Fridays are Luxuspop parties (a younger crowd), with Saturdays on rotation (including Raw Riot) and featuring international DJs. Many Saturday night clubbers have been known to wind down the night (at 5am) with Weißwurst (traditional white sausage) at Zur Feuerwache [see entry]. Locals call it 'New York'. U-Bahn: Sendlinger Tor.


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      munchie Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great Club!
      Awesome club in the heart of Munich - opened every Friday and Saturday