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Munich's grand dame of food luxury
Most major European cities have one, and this is Munich's take on the beautiful and expensive food store, serving posh and quality-conscious locals and providing tourists with lovely and precious gifts to take back home. All on one manageable and dense floor, goods include sweets and chocolates, cakes (very good quality, though not as special as the offerings nearby at Café Hag [see entry]), tea, honey, sausages and meats, chicken, fish, caviar, pasta, bread, fruits, vegetables, wine, spirits and tobacco. The tradition and location of this high-class delicatessen might go back to 1700, but the owner and building do not. Bavarian merchant Alois Dallmayr took over in 1870 and gave the store his name, which has survived a run of new owners since 1895, when the Randkofers started their reign of great transformation and moderinisation. The current beauty — with its neoclassical yellow-painted frontage — dates only from 1950, follwing total ruin during the Second World War. Up the stairs to the first floor you'll find the restaurant extension of the pricey deliciousness on the ground floor. There's also a basement space to book for occasions.