Big and richly decorated former palace of the Wittelsbach royals
It would be odd to visit Munich and not enter the opulent world of the Residenz, which between 1508 and 1918 served as the seat of government and home of Bavarian dukes, electors and kings. The history of the Residenz dates as far back as 1385 with a castle that eventually evolved into this palace, which now sits at or near the top of the city's main attractions. The painted and vaulted (and exquisite) late-16th-century Antiquarium (hall of antiques) is the most popular postcard face of the Residenz, and for good reason. But despite severe Second World War bombings, many other gems and beauties also survived, including the rococo Cuvilliés-Theater and Grüne Galerie, the Grottenhof (crystal- and shell-decorated grotto), a collection of Egyptian art works, and the Hofkapelle (Princeley Chapel), plus jewels, coins, murals and various visually pleasing chambers.