Sammlung Schack

Worthwhile collection of Romantic paintings
The Schack collection was founded by lawyer/diplomat-turned-poet, literary historian and art collector Adolf Friedrich von Schack (1815–94), who wanted to promote the work of underrated and young, unknown artists. Schack housed the collection in his own mansion, from 1865, but in 1909 — 15 years after his death — it moved to its present building, designed by Max Littmann. With more than 180 paintings, this collection of 19th-century late Romantic German art remains unaltered in its composition, including works by Bonaventura Genelli, Anselm Feuerbach, Moritz von Schwind, Arnold Böcklin, Franz von Lenbach and Karl Spitzweg. It merged with the Bavarian State Art Collection in 1939.